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IDF Facebook Group Moderator

Get Involved in IDF's Online Community

Nationwide, Virtual Volunteer Opportunity


This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wishes to be actively engaged in this exceptional online community. We are seeing volunteers to help provide a welcoming and safe environment on Facebook, in a social network group for patients and families living with primary immunodeficiencies.


Ongoing Opportunity

Unlimited Positions available!


Where the Opportunity will occur

Contact Info

Contact person for opportunity

Manager of Volunteer Development
(443) 218-6413
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Position Summary:

Position Summary:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a facilitator for discussions on relevant forum topics;
  • Approve all users who fit the group criteria;
  • Keep an eye out for irrelevant/bad medical advice/information;
  • Watch for advertising, SPAM or promotion of products;
  • Look for derogatory postings;
  • Maintain regular contact with Supervisor and regular submission of activity logs.
  • Ensure the forum is used appropriately;
  • Assisting users having difficulty using the forum;

Time Commitment

  • Must be able to commit to regularly logging in at least twice a week to approve users, and welcome new users
  • Should expect to spend approximately 5-8 hours per month working in this role
  • Must be willing to commit to a minimum six-month term of Facebook moderation

The ideal volunteer for this position:

  • is an active member of Facebook.
  • has previous experience with facilitation, including but not limited to: selecting relevant discussion topics, enforcing the rules of discussion etiquette, and the ability to follow-up with participants, as needed.
  • has received a high school diploma or equivalent. has basic familiarity with computers.
  • has knowledge of Word and Excel preferred.
  • is willing to commit to a minimum of six (6) months as an IDF Facebook Group Moderator.

    To get started, you must: consent to a background check; interview with the Manager of Volunteer Development and complete the necessary trainings.