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IDF Get Connected Leader

Enrich the Lives of Others

Nationwide, On-going Opportunity


Serve as a group leader and give the gift of friendship. You can help plan and organize regular group meetings in your local area for people with PI and their family members.

IDF Get Connected Leaders are part of the IDF Outreach Initiative. The IDF Outreach Initiative is supported by Lead Sponsor, Shire.


Minimum age: 21


Ongoing Opportunity

Unlimited Positions available!


Where the Opportunity will occur

Contact Info

Contact person for opportunity

Manager of Volunteer Development
(800) 296-4433
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Position Summary:

Position Summary:

  • Represent IDF in your local community by hosting an IDF Get Connected Group at least two times per year.
  • Locate an accessible venue for the group to meet.
  • Convene the first group and support the group on its way to being a local support community for each other.
  • Plan meeting programs and agendas that are useful.
  • Make people feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Keep members in touch with each other in-between meetings through online forums such as IDF Friends.
  • Represent IDF to the group and the needs of the members to IDF.
  • Join the IDF Get Connected Leaders group on IDF Friends.
  • Regularly communicate with IDF staff and report group activity.
The ideal volunteer for this position is:
  • a person who is diagnosed with PI or an immediate family member of someone with PI (two years post-diagnosis)
  • someone with strong communication and listening skills
  • someone who is emotionally well-adjusted and compassionate toward others
  • someone with the ability to coordinate a small gathering
  • at least 21 years of age
  • To get started, you must: consent to a background check; and complete the necessary trainings.